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The Ask
Increase Hulu subscriptions by developing a cross-channel campaign that positions Clipped, a 6-episode limited series by FX, as an inside look into the real-life drama of an NBA franchise. Tease the edginess of a storyline that blends sex, money, sports, and deception to capitalize on co-viewing opportunities.

The Work
Utilizing the UX experience unique to specific social platforms, my team developed a rich media campaign approach meant to "own the eyes." In owning the eyes, we considered how consumers process a visual and digest information. Clipped's provocative storyline enabled us to blend attention-grabbing imagery with compelling copy that teased the drama while encouraging viewers to subscribe to Hulu.


Social Banners


Beyond the salacious drama of Clipped, the show is an empowering tale of women reclaiming their narrative. Using a woman's hand with a slight animation wows and by repositioning that hand, we communicate different degrees of drama, deceit, and inappropriateness that encourage viewers to dig deeper. Light copy elicits a callback to the Donald Sterling controversy, helping start a conversation around the premiere date.

Clipped 3.gif
Clipped 2.gif
Clipped 4.gif


Homepage Takeover


Animating the hand with visual cues to the Clippers and basketball, we hint at who controls the strings throughout Clipped's storyline. The literal clipping of "Clippers" to "Clipped" further builds intrigue while copy supports, adding context.


Character Highlight


In highlighting the main characters, we used visual staples such as V. Stiviano's visor. In this story, the line between heroism and villainy blurs much like a reflection.

Clipped 10.jpg
Clipped 5.gif
Clipped 7.gif
Clipped 8.gif


Tik Tok & IG Ads


Secret audio recordings played an integral role in Clipped's drama, so our social ads married that with the UX experience on Tik Tok and Instagram. With audio muted on most videos, until the user unmutes, a progression of animated supers relay what's being said. Highlighting polarizing quotes from our characters, we draw viewers attention, intriguing them to dive deeper.

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