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The Islands of The Bahamas—fly away

During my time as the leading creative for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, I collaborated with my Senior Art Director counterpart to develop The Islands of The Bahamas—fly away campaign featuring rock icon Lenny Kravitz. The stories we told and assets we developed positioned the destination as 16 unique islands where the water is crystal clear and blue, and the people are rockstars in their own right. Under our creative direction, our work swept the 2020 Travel Award Circuit.



In establishing the 16 islands of The Bahamas as a unique destination, I leaned into the creative brief insight: Travelers want to experience people and their cultures. The wanderlust was already there, my storytelling only had to lead them to the clearest, bluest waters on Earth. I wrote with the intent of taking travelers beyond the all-inclusive resort out to more organic, culture-rich encounters with extraordinary human beings like Lady Di—Lady of the Pineapple Fields.

Lenny Kravitz2.jpg


Print is a unique medium that requires an understanding of how readers process information. In writing copy and providing art directors and designers feedback, I wanted to ensure each piece reflected a thoughtful yet alternate approach that refreshed the destination in the eyes of consumers each time they encountered the brand.

BOI Romance Print Ad.png
Pilot Vertical.png

Ministry Messaging

Across my copywriting career, I've written speeches and external messaging in a variety of forms for the Bahamas Minister of Tourism & Aviation and others. The opportunity taught me how to be an effective creative who can use different words to say the same things in the face of intense scrutiny.

7.2 MillionVisitors Minister Message.png



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