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NIKE/City Gear





Creativity That Resonates

The Challenge

Partner with City Gear/Hibbett Sports to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1 silhouette in a way that resonates culturally and reflects the influences of the communities who've made the sneaker iconic and fashionable.

The Solution
Under my creative direction, we created a content series named: Fresh Off the Block. Starting in Memphis, we sought neighborhood tastemakers who always put on for their city and set trends. Their stories of the Air Force 1 positioned City Gear/Hibbett Sports as the go-to retailer for trendsetters and sneakerheads with NIKE as the key driver.

When Nike and City Gear/Hibbet Sports teamed up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Air Force 1 sneaker, developing a platform that made sense for both brands was a refreshing challenge. Fresh Off The Block allowed me to position City Gear as the go-to retailer for trendsetters and sneakerheads with Nike as the key driver. I returned to the block to find stories that resonated with neighborhood tastemakers and the community response was tremendous.

Fresh Off the Block: Memphis

Word Off the Block

I've had the privilege of presenting to different brands, teaching their in-house creatives about producing culturally resonant work. I'm often asked the same questions. "As a creative, how do I know my work will resonate culturally? How do I find authentic stories that connect with the brand in ways that make sense, and relate them honestly?" There's never a simple answer, but working with Nike and City Gear allowed me to practice what I preach and map cultural resonance from concept to execution to community response.



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